Just Water

In the growing age of content and information, the global internet culture is also rapidly growing. This shift has created a new mentality around how businesses market to their consumers, one focused on the social values of a global society. The successful companies of the future will be the ones who appeal and prove their dedication to the ethical values of their loyal consumers. No longer must a product or service simply solve a need or provide information. It must also appeal to the goals, concerns, and aspirations of that society. For example, JUST Water, founded by Jaden Smith and Drew Fitzgerald out of California, provides American-sourced, natural spring water in a recyclable box. 

The added benefit of recyclable packaging appeals to the globally growing environmentalist and sustainability community. Not only is the water ethically sourced in America, but the packaging is made from a recyclable, plant-based material that creates 74% less carbon emissions than the production of a plastic water bottle. Thus, not only does this product competitively challenge well-established global water corporations, but it also listens to its consumers' values by creating a solution through a superior product. 

Their added efforts prove their dedication. JUST Water has gotten involved in many communities where water availability and filtration are serious issues. For example, in Flint, MI, JUST Water ran a marketing campaign to offer free water filtration machines to impoverished communities affected by the lead-contaminated pipes in the city’s water system. In Glen Falls, NY, JUST Water has begun collaborating with the city’s township to improve their water systems, increase the local water economy, and create an increase in city water reserves. They prove that capitalist goals and social responsibility do not have to oppose each other.

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