Slippery Elm Digestives


Upset stomachs, digestive discomforts, sore throats, heartburn, etc. Slippery Elm is essentially a thin protective coat that calms irritation and inflammation. It can provide relief for several issues. It is a much gentler solution than activated charcoal.



Slippery Elm powder (source sustainably by buying farm-grown, not wildcrafted)

Raw honey (local is best)

Notes on ingredients: Because humidity varies based on your location and honey varies in its water content, I cannot provide you exact measurements to make these digestives. It is very much a recipe that you adjust by consistency, like bread.



Stainless steel fork

Glass bowl

Pizza cutter (optional)

Wax paper (optional)



Pour raw honey into your bowl FIRST.

Mix in Slippery Elm powder in small quantities until the honey forms a dough-like consistency. Note: don’t add a ton of slippery elm at once, or you’re going to end up in a perpetual cycle of adding more honey and more slippery elm, and so on.

Once you form a bread-dough like consistency (shouldn’t be terribly sticky), spread some slippery elm powder out on a flat surface.

Put the slippery elm ball onto the flat surface and knead like bread. You will need to add more slippery elm to the surface throughout this process. Knead until the slippery elm dough doesn’t stick to the surface.

Roll into little balls with your hands OR roll the dough out with a rolling pin (dusted with slippery elm powder) into a flat sheet.

Cut with a pizza cutter into strips, and then into small square shapes.

Coat the pieces externally with more slippery elm powder.

You can use wax paper to separate the balls, preventing them from sticking to each other over time. You can also put your oven on its lowest temperature setting and let them dehydrate for 24-72 hours (dehydrators: 24-48 hours). This removes some of the excess water from the honey so they stay separate and fresh longer.

You can wrap individually and freeze or refrigerate.

Honey preserves herbs, so they will be good for as long as your honey is.


Other things you can do:

- Roll your cut squares into balls for better size consistency

- Use a mixer with a dough hook to make your digestives

  (larger quantities only)

- Add other herbal powders to create a digestive aid with

  bonus benefits

- Use infused herbal honey for added flavor or benefits

This recipe comes from @she_is_of_the_woods, April Graham.

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