The Greatest Joys and Sorrows of Being a Parent

Being a parent is one of the greatest opportunities in life. I’ve been a parent in a lot of ways: foster/proctor, childbirth, step-parenting, adoption, and fur babies galore. Here are a few truths I know:

Greatest Joys                   vs.         Greatest Sorrows

Parent/child love is one of the greatest, purest, and accepting types of love we will ever know.

Sometimes hearts are broken.

Watching kids learn, grow, and become independent can account for some of the proudest and most rewarding experiences in life.

Parenting can be terrifying, especially when it comes to making decisions, correcting mistakes, losing a child in a crowd, dealing with broken bones and illnesses, and navigating teen drama.  

Kids bring you joy over and over again from the time they’re born, whether it’s their first smile, first step, first words, or unique hobbies and interests, independent thinking, awards and achievements.

You might only ever be as happy as your most unhappy child.

Having children means you are never alone! 

Having children means you are NEVER alone.

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