Sep 6, 2018

DIY Baby Wipes

by Nichole Carver, Your Magical Marketing Millennial

1 roll Bounty or Viva paper towels, cut in half

2 containers with tight lids, like Rubbermaid, that fit half of a paper towel roll

4 C. Water (boiled or distilled preferred)

1 dollop of liquid castille soap, unscented

1 TBSP oil (preferred jojoba, but olive, avocado, grapeseed work also)

10-20 drops of essential oils (tea tree, lavender, juniper, jasmine, rose, etc.; do not use hot oils like cinnamon, oregano, ginger, etc.)

Additional add-in's if you want to have them (I just usually went with what's above):

1 TBSP Aloe Vera

1 TBSP Witch Hazel

10 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract (use if not using Tea Tree oil)

Cut paper towel roll in half with a non-serrated knife. Set aside. Mix water, castille soap, oil, essential oils, and optional ingredients if using, in a large liquid measuring cup. Pour half of the mixture into each container. Place each half of the paper towels into the chosen containers, cut side facing down. Once settled in, place lids on containers and flip over. Let rest for five minutes or until the paper towels are soaked all the way through. Flip over, open, and pull the center cardboard tube out of the paper towels. Done!