Sep 20, 2018

Why is Change so Hard?

by Meagan, Customer Service Mermaid

There’s been a lot of change in my life this year, both big and small. A long illness, new job, new homes, and basically a new me. Being the anxious person that I am, I’ve always wondered when things will take a turn for the worse, especially if I’ve been comfortable for a short while. It’s a terrible way to think, and very different from the positive thoughts I’ve recently strived to live by. But inevitability, change came the way it always does.  But this time I did something different - I asked myself why I felt fear over change, even when it was good. I realized the first thing it made me feel was uncomfortable; I was conditioned to believe that all you can get out of being uncomfortable is negative. I’m now in the process of learning that it’s OK to be uncomfortable sometimes, and I am continually reminding myself to embrace the discomfort, it’s the only way you grow. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”