Jan 3, 2019

2018 - The Year of the Great RidgeCrest Weight Loss Challenge

by Aspen, Herbal Authoress

In 2018, four of RidgeCrest’s employees took our health into our own hands. Starting in May, each month we weighed and measured ourselves and kept track of our progress on a whiteboard in the shipping department. The fun part was that each of us took a different approach, and had different results. Our final weigh-in was October 10th, 2018. So by the time you read this, we could have lost even more!

Shae, our Service and Social Media Goddess, followed a fasting program called The Snake Juice Diet. The foundation of this diet is that throughout history food scarcity has been more common than food surplus, so our bodies are used to operating on much less food than what is regularly consumed. With a balancing electrolyte drink, lengthy periods of fasting are designed to allow your body to access and burn its fat stores.

RESULTS: Shae says, “I averaged 1-2 lbs per day of weight loss on a 24-48 hr fasting routine. I took a small break for summer activities and didn’t push myself as much as I could have. Started in May at 196.4lbs, as of October 10th I am at 176.6lbs, for a total loss of 19.8lbs. Other benefits include decreased depression, anxiety and mood swings, clearer skin, more muscle tone, more regular cycles, and gained insight into food sensitivities.”

Brittini, our Herbal Gaia, tried intermittent fasting. With a similar theory, followers of this style can choose to reduce calories two days a week, eat daily during set times and fast for 16 hours overnight, or fast for 24 hours twice a week.

RESULTS: For seven weeks Brittani was very consistent, and was able to lose 15 pounds. Then RidgeCrest had an FDA audit, so she got a little busy over the summer! She started up again in September and as of the final weigh-in had lost a total of 14 pounds between the two sessions.

Scott, our Lord of Logistics, did intermittent fasting earlier in the year but in the summer switched to Paleo. The Paleo lifestyle is based on the theory that, evolutionarily, our bodies developed over hundreds and thousands of years to use certain foods, so if you look to the way humans ate during the Paleolithic era, you will have a strong blueprint for what our bodies are well-adapted to eat. This includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meats, fish, and healthy oils. It discourages eating grains, beans, dairy, sugar, salt, potatoes, and processed foods.

RESULTS: Most of Scott’s success came when he switched to a mostly Paleo diet. He reported a loss of 26 pounds!

Aspen, our Herbal Authoress, took a stab at a program called The Whole30. This protocol is considered a 30-day reset (they are adamant it is “not a weight loss diet;” that is a common side effect, but shouldn’t be the main goal) that removes all processed foods and any potential allergens, then suggests a slow reintroduction of foods so you are better able to understand if your body reacts poorly to them. This will help you find a better balance for future success with “Food Freedom.” Similar to the paleo, it bans grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, and processed foods, but allows potatoes. Unlike paleo, it does not allow you to use compliant ingredients to make non-compliant treats (ie vegan cheesecake, banana pancakes, etc.), claiming instead that you need to rid yourself of the “sugar dragon,” so part of the program is actively working to reset your psychological relationship with food.

RESULTS: With two full 30-day rounds under her belt and making healthier food choices when off round, Aspen decided to find “Food Freedom” in a modified Vegan diet with strict rules, as she found she did better with her food choices with rules in place. She started at 251 pounds and as of 10/10, weighed in exactly at her pre-pregnancy weight of 214, having lost a total of 37 pounds!

In the end, everyone won! Between the four participants, RidgeCrest was able to take almost 100 pounds off of our collective bodies. Not bad for seven months!