Jan 22, 2019

Honesty is a Gift

by Shae - Service and Social Media Goddess

Honesty is a gift.

I first heard about honest communication and expression in the book Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenburg PHd. Honesty in communication is such an important gift to give others, and is so crucial for amazing relationships. Every time I think about this gift I remember a situation that happened with me and my best friend. We wanted to spend some time together, so I suggest we go grab some Pho for dinner. She agreed and we picked out a time and place to meet. When we got there, the place was closed. She mentioned not being in the mood for Pho anyway, I told her I hadn’t been either and we both laughed while questioning why we would both agree to doing something we didn’t want to do. So we agreed to always be honest with each other no matter how big or small.

I know that my friend will give me this gift of honesty. I know she will never do anything she doesn’t want to do at the expense of hurting, inconveniencing or upsetting me, and there is so much power in that. In that honesty, I know that we are both safe expressing our wants, needs and desires. I have taken this lesson and spread it out to the rest of my life. I would never want anyone else to withhold something from me for fear of hurting or upsetting me and I would never want someone else to do that for me. We should not suffer in silence because we are afraid of hurting, upsetting or inconveniencing others.