Feb 20, 2019

What Makes You Happy?

by Aspen, Herbal Authoress

What Makes Me Happy

My life has been a real challenge for a long time now. I have been faced with challenges more difficult than anyone in my family ever has dealt with, and it is all kind of coming to a head this week as my divorce is finalized. Because things can feel so dark and endless right now, I want to talk about what makes me happy. Do you know what makes me happy?

- Vegan recipes from pickuplimes.com

- Seth Meyers

- Clean Sheets

- Cosleeping with my baby and having him snuggle up to me at night

- My job at RidgeCrest Herbals and the feeling of family and support here

- Putting away the laundry

- Grocery Shopping

- Designing the images for the newsletter

- Yoga

- My bestie from high school, John, and his partner Cole, who started going to the gym with me on Sunday mornings when they found out I was going through a tough time

- My brother Bryce, who picks up my son from daycare almost every day and watches him for several hours to help me save money 

- My sister Dee, a nurse with five kids who set up her phone so that my number rings through even when she silences it at night so I can call her if I am worried about something going on with my son

- Cooking healthy food from scratch

- HOT baths - like lobster-red hot

- Going to the farmer's market. I cried when it ended last fall.

- Coffee. God, I love coffee.  

- Hate-watching The View (Sunny is the only one whose opinion is worth a damn!)

- A clean house on a Sunday night so you feel ready for the week ahead

What makes you grateful? Even in the worst of times, a spirit of gratitude for the things that you DO have can help you power through the rest and find the light at the end of the tunnel. Start your own list, even if it is just something silly like drinking cold water out of the tap (I love that). You will start to find a longer list than you expected.