May 15, 2019

DreamOn Zen Wins Industry Award

by RidgeCrest Herbals

The awards keep coming in for RidgeCrest Herbals! This time it is their DreamOn Zen that has won the Taste For Life Women’s Essentials Award in the category of Sleep.

RidgeCrest Herbals’ natural, gentle DreamOn™ Zen formula is a clever take on sleep management, working to help the body safely manage a good night's rest followed by a cheerful morning. Our industry-unique approach combines safe and natural botanical formulas that tap into the body’s genuine ability to self-calm and relax for effective shut-eye, without unwanted effects. Unlike many natural sleep aids, DreamOn Zen does not contain melatonin, instead using herbs that promote relaxation and deep sleep so natural hormone production remains uninterrupted. It is non-habit forming and is designed to not only promote sleep, but its herbs encourage a good mood in the morning.

Black Cohosh Root

Studies indicate that black cohosh may help older women with sleeplessness and other issues.

German Chamomile Flower

Science shows that the properties of this gentle relaxer work on the same parts of the brain as anti-anxiety drugs. It is a very mild sedative that can promote a feeling of well-being and calm.

Lemon Balm

Part of the mint family, the restful eugenol in the leaves are particularly good for addressing the effects of long-term stress.


The flowers of hops contain copious amounts of the active constituent lupulin, a soothing relaxant that acts as a nervine.

Valerian Root

Sold as an over-the-counter sleep-aid in Europe, independent research indicates it may help promote restful sleep. Used in ancient Greek and Roman times for the same purpose, it is a perennial that was used in WWII to promote calm during air raids.

This is the first award for the well-deserving DreamOn Zen, which joins RidgeCrests’ other award-winning products, including AnxietyFree™, ClearLungs Immune®, PhysiQOL™, Essential Eyes™, Thyroid Thrive™, Hair Revive™, and ClearLungs Sport®.