Sep 26, 2019

Anyone Can Grow Succulents!

by Corina, Customer Service

I was born the quintessential city kid, so when I say growing anything is a struggle, believe me. Succulents are a new passion of mine. They work in the office or at home.

I recently started 3 different terrariums with both succulents and plants. The plant ones have died! I'm a plant killer! Yet I still can't seem to kill the succulents, so if you are wondering if you can grow and keep alive a succulent, take it from this black thumb, you can! Propagating succulents is very easy as well. You are going to need a lot of patience because it takes months to see new growth, but it is worth the time and effort to see new babies grow.

All you need to make new baby succulents is time and space. Pick off a well-watered thick leaf from the mother and place it somewhere safe. In a few weeks, you should notice a small little plant growing from the leaf. Don't jump the gun though, wait for a bit longer and roots will start to grow. The leaf that you picked off will start to wither at this point. Leave the leaf until it looks like it is a dried crisp. The leaf is where your new plant is getting all of its water and nutrients. Once you have some roots and a baby plant it is time to remove your leaf. Gently pull the leaf off while supporting the roots and the baby plant. It should come off without much fuss. Your new succulent is ready for a home in the soil. A good rule of thumb is however big of a pot you give it is how big it will grow.

I hope you try and enjoy growing and maintaining succulents as much as I have in the last few months!