Sep 30, 2019

Joining the Herbalist Guilds

by Brit, Herbal Gaia

Joining the American Herbalist Guild (AGH) by Brittini, MH, Herbal Gaia I have been an herbalist now for over 15 years, during which time I have had some incredible experiences that have led me to believe that I am certainly in the industry that I belong. I chose a career path I would never grow tired of, one that provides endless opportunities for learning and growth. Being an herbalist offers me the luxury of combining my career with some of my favorite hobbies: herbs, natural medicine, nature, interesting people, meditation, spirituality, and so many more. As an herbalist, new opportunities present themselves all of the time and I try to take advantage of as many as I can! In 2018, RidgeCrest Herbals encouraged me to join the American Herbalist Guild, founded by some of the most influential herbalists in the US today. The American Herbalist Guild is an association of Herbal Practitioners that provides many services and educational resources to both herbalists and non-herbalists. Some of these resources include: JAHG (Journal of the American Herbalist Guild) available free to members and an annual fee of $15 for non-members. This Journal “promotes, reports and educates on all aspects of therapeutic herbalism, especially those that emphasize the clinical, historical, and professional application of botanical medicine. The Journal is relevant to practitioners, students, and teachers of herbalism, and those who manufacture, market and dispense botanical medicines.” Directory of Herbal Education that provides a list of herbal schools across the US and includes a search option to find schools near you and a guide to getting an education in herbal medicine. Directory of Herbalists across the US and a search option to find an herbalist near you. Free live webinars that are open to the public. A mentorship program that creates opportunities for working one on one with another established and experienced herbalist. Job listings in the herbal industry. An herbal events calendar that includes all types of wellness events, including herbal events, wellness certifications, aromatherapy, movement clinics, retreats, TCM courses, overseas Ayurvedic studies, and more. Herbal medicine and legal/regulatory FAQs. And more! Naturally, being a member of the AHG feels like a perfect fit for me. My membership fees have been paid, and my name and contact information can now be found under the “Find an Herbalist” tab on the AGH website! I am looking forward to attending the AGH Symposium (yet another exciting benefit) for 5 days in October. The Symposium will take place at the Unicoi State Park and Lodge in Helen, Northeast Georgia (A virtual option for attending is also available!) The theme for this year is “Bio-regional Herbalism.” Some of the classes include topics such as “Celtic Herbal Medicine,” “Journeying into Traditional Ayurveda,” and “Medical Mushrooms of the Southern Appalachia.” These are only a few, so the topics and classes will be challenging for me to narrow down! In addition to the many courses offered, there are other events such as mixers, firesides, dance receptions, movie nights, community lunches, and an herb crawl (I have no idea what that is, yet) which further allow individuals to bond within the herbalist community. This will be my first AGH Symposium. A follow-up article will be in order for next year’s Almanac, but for now, all I can say is I am over the moon to be a new member of the AGH and to be attending this extraordinary event! To access the resources listed above or for more information about the American Herbalist Guild and/or donations or sponsorship opportunities, please visit