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ClearLungs® Sport


ClearLungs® Sport is our #1 ClearLungs® formula designed for athletes with additional herbs to encourage the body's ability for increased performance and endurance. The ingredients in ClearLungs® Sport have been shown to help:

  • Improve lung strength & endurance*
  • Enhance oxygenation*
  • Optimize athletic performance*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Not for sale in California without Prop 65 warning.

Hey, Ace! We went to the mat for our sporty mc Sportsters, who like to sport while breathing as most sportsmen (and sportswomen) do. Nothing will put you down for the count faster than squaring off with the lungs. So Ridgecrest Herbals used our wheelhouse to run interference, making sure you can push your ball over the goal line. ClearLungs Sport is a one-two punch combining the core ingredients of Ridgecrest Herbals’ heavyweight ClearLungs respiratory support with a knockout punch of herbs designed to support normal oxygenation so you won’t get left on the ropes. So go sport all the sports!

Complex formulas are good, but creating new ones isn’t easy. When combining ingredients in a formula, Chinese herbal medicine teaches that you can use a smaller dose than if the same ingredient were used alone— but the selection of ingredients, their proportions, and the correct dose of the entire formula is mostly left to trial and error.

In western medicine, the situation is much worse - these small doses are termed “sub-therapeutic”, are generally considered ineffective, and are almost never tested, much less used in treatment.

Portfolio Formulation™ is a unique (patent pending) way to create complex formulas. It gets its name from the financial world, because it is similar to the methods good financial planners use, creating diversified “portfolios” for more predictable benefits with lower risk.

We begin by selecting ingredients with similar main effects, but dissimilar side effects. When we combine these ingredients in specified proportions, the main effects of each ingredient are “stacked”, resulting in a powerful but predictable effect; while the side effects don’t stack, because they are different for each ingredient.

Homeopathy works well with herbs, but it can use up to 25% of the available capsule space. Herbs can be bulky, and need all the capsule space they can get.

With our unique (patent pending) Homeoactive™ encapsulation, we build the homeopathic ingredients directly into the encapsulation process, leaving the entire usable capsule space available for herbs. This makes our homeopathic and herbal formulas the most potent anywhere, with fewer and smaller capsules to swallow.

Every medicine (or medicinal ingredient) has at least one effect that we desire, which is why we take it. But that effect can vary greatly from one individual or condition to another, and a medicine that works well for one person, may not work so well for another.

Each medicine or ingredient may also have unwanted side effects, which can also vary from one person to another—so one person may get great benefits with few side effects, while another gets only side effects but no real benefit.

A good over-the-counter medicine is one that works pretty well for most people, and hopefully has few serious side effects. This one-medicine-fits-all, or “silver bullet” approach, has been the basis of western medicine for the last hundred years or more.

Complex formulas are different, and though they are common in oriental medicine, they are less familiar here. Complex formulas use small doses of many ingredients, rather than large doses of one or two.

Although people still react differently to each ingredient, complex formulas are more effective for more people—people who don’t respond much to one ingredient are likely to respond better to others. And because the dose of each ingredient is smaller, there is less chance of serious adverse reactions, side effects, and drug interactions.

Well-designed complex formulas, like a complex diet, just work better than large doses of one or two ingredients. RidgeCrest Herbals products are complex—our simplest formulas have four or five ingredients, and some have over forty. Complex formulas are more expensive to create and manufacture than simple ones, since we have to test dozens of ingredients, not just one or two. But the results are worth the extra effort.

Some of these disciplines, like TCM and Eclectic medicine, overlap in many ways, and round each other out. Others, like homeopathy and herbs or nutrition, reinforce each other, making for real synergy—where a combination is more than the sum of its parts.

Our multi-disciplinary approach develops this potential synergy.

Many health conditions are caused or made worse by nutritional deficiencies. Our modern western diet is not varied enough to provide good nutrition for most people.

In fact, the US Department of Agriculture reports that the nutritional value of many fruits and vegetables is less than half what it was in 1948, when they started keeping records. Vitamins, trace minerals, and other nutritional supplements can contribute greatly to good health, especially when tailored to individual conditions and needs.

As our transparency initiative progresses, this tab will contain replaced with product-specific transparency information. Watch this space for new info!

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