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Are you an unabashed tree-hugger? A cruchy granola type? Well, so are we!

So we made an Almanac, so we could keep track of all the fun, earthy stuff we wanna do! And we filled it with fun articles and useful information. And we printed a few thousand copies.

Then we shared our Almanac with all of our friends. Many of them shared it with their friends, so we made more friends.

So the next year, we had to print a lot more Almanacs. And we gave those Almanacs away too, and made more friends. And, well, you get the idea.

So now, we have to distribute our Almanac electronically, for the most part. We'll still pass out as many as we can, but the demand seriously exceeds the supply.

So, use this page to request a copy of the next Almanac, or to browse or download the ones from past years!

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