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Quality remedies begin with an idea. If the formulation isn't right, it doesn't matter how good your Ingredients, manufacturing, or testing may be. We believe that good formulation can rarely be done by one person alone. We include lots of smart people in the planning process, and spend a lot of time reviewing the literature of herbal medicine from all over the world.

Our formulas reflect our values: Eclectic, Innovative, and Effective. We don't believe that any one culture, discipline, or individual has all the answers to natural health. We beleive in constant innovation, while always respecting the time-honored traditional uses and experience with the herbs. Finally, we know our remedies must be effective-- so we guarantee every product.  If a product does, or doesn't, work well for you, we want to hear about it.

Formulation and Ingredients: many of our formulas are ancient combinations dating back thousands of years and involved mulitple medicinal disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Western Herbalism, and more. Our ingredients are selected based on important factors such as quality, location, supplier compatibility, etc. When at all possible, we select ingredients that have a story or a cause behind them, tracing them all the way to the farmers. Our products are non-GMO (non-certified, see our section "Never GMO" for more information) as are most botanicals, completely allergen free, and vegan-friendly (all but one). We also believe in using the whole herb - just as nature provided - whenever possible. While "standarized" extracts have their purpose, we believe that nature has its own intelligence. While this may be our preference, we occasionally do pick extracts if we find a valid or necesssary reason.

Porfolio FormulationTM: We do not subscribe to just one way of seeking balance to our bodies. We cross geographical, scientific, historical, and methodological boundaries to build the most effective formulas. We call it Portfolio FormulationTM, which is the combining of mutiple ingredients with multiple practices of health, primarily: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Herbalism, Nutraceutical, and Ayurvedic medicine. Our innovative and unique system of Portfolio Formulation helps us deliver more predictable results with fewer side effects.

Guarantees and Service: RidgeCrest Herbal products have been effective since the beginning of our company's history. In fact, we honor a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back for ALL of our products. Our customer service department, management team, and quality department are available to answer any questions you might have concerning our products or company. 

Our #1 priority has ALWAYS been to help. In order to do so, we go out of our way to assure that our products are not only effective but also the highest quality we can provide. If you have any questions concerning the quality or safety of our products, please feel free to contact our Chief Botanical Officer, Brittini Gehring at with further inquiries.

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