Our Mushroom Allies

Kismet. Destiny. The unfolding of the universe. How do we participate in the universe's unfolding and optimize our progress in our lives? Some may believe that we have a destiny ahead of us. Some may not. Some may live a portion of their lives and see a clear path that has led them to where they are now. Some may not. Whichever approach to life you consider, we can each look at how we live our lives and choose how we wish to move forward. We can empower ourselves and make choices no matter how many or how few choices we have before us right now.  

Part of how we can optimize our lives is to bring allies into our day-to-day lives. Whatever is meant to be, we do not have to meet it alone. I am a big fan of mushrooms as allies for daily wellness. There will always be some people who can not use a particular substance, but for most people, mushrooms and mushroom supplements are well tolerated. If you can not find a mushroom ally, find an herbal ally. There are plenty of both to explore. Do it one at a time for a solid week or two to make sure you are responding well to the hoped-for ally. Most of us feel brighter, more energized, tuned into the world around us, and more vibrant. It may be subtle at first, and giving it a week or two to confirm is typically sound. If you don't feel better or worse, stop immediately and try for the next potential ally. 

Some of my favorite mushroom allies include Cordyceps, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane:

Cordyceps is the revitalizer. Cordyceps supports graceful breathing and oxygenation*. Cordyceps also supports adaptation to stress, immediate energy, and athletic performance.* It also supports glycemic balance, liver metabolic detoxification processes, antioxidant activity, nerve health, and kidney function*. Revitalizer, indeed. 

Reishi is more of a constitutional tonifier or rebuilder. It also supports energy yet in a more subtle manner, evident in greater endurance as compared to Cordyceps.* Reishi is sometimes called the Mushroom of Immortality.* Reishi may support digestive health, upper respiratory wellness, systemic immune modulatory activity, graceful breathing, nerve and brain health, cognitive functioning, the Rest and Digest response, liver metabolic detoxification, antioxidant activity, and kidney functioning.* And if that were not enough, Reishi supports adaptation to stress and sleep architecture.* 

Lion’s Mane mushroom is gaining in popularity as the Smart Mushroom.* Supporting memory, mood, and cognitive functioning, Lion’s Mane may be a mushroom most people would consider as a potential ally. Lion’s Mane also supports digestion, the gut-brain connection, day-to-day nerve generative activity, and immune modulatory activity.* 

Personally, I like to tip the scales in my favor whenever possible. And if I am trudging the road to happy destiny, I would choose to have my fungal and herbal allies along the road with me.

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