Portfolio Formulation


RidgeCrest Herbals is unique in the supplement market because we focus on complex, eclectic formulas. In traditional Chinese medicine, it's very common to combine small amounts of many ingredients to get the best overall effect. At RidgeCrest, we have adopted this method to make our products useful to as many people as possible. We incorporate Ayurvedic, TCM, Western Herbalism, and more, using the most powerful ingredients from many cultures to maximize effectiveness. 

Eclectic Formulations

By the early 1800s, American herbalists were studying herbal solutions brought by natives of Central and South America, Asia, Africa, and even Australia. As they adopted herbal solutions from many different sources, these herbalists began calling themselves Eclectic - a term that means "choosing what is best from various sources or systems."

RidgeCrest Herbals remains strongly influenced by the Eclectic approach. Our botanical formulas are drawn from all branches of herbalism, as well as modern nutritional science.

Portfolio Formulation™ is a way to create uniquely effective formulas for our products, our families, our customers, and our partners. It gets its name from the financial world because our approach is similar to the methods good financial planners use, creating diversified “portfolios” for more predictable benefits with lower risk.

We begin by selecting ingredients with similar main effects but dissimilar side effects. When we combine these ingredients in the proper proportions, the main benefits of each ingredient are “stacked,” resulting in a powerful but predictable result. At the same time, the side effects are minimized because they are different for each ingredient.

Complex Formulations

Over-the-counter medicines must work well for most people with few if any, side effects. This one-medicine-fits-all, or “silver bullet” approach, has been the basis of Western medicine for the last hundred years or more. Complex formulas use small doses of many ingredients rather than large doses of one or two - a method that can make them more effective for more people, increasing your chance of finding the right solution. our simplest formulas have four or five ingredients, and some have over forty. Though they're more expensive to create, the results are worth the extra effort. 

Availablend™ Bioavailability Complex

Many of Ridgecrest Herbals’ products include our trademarked Availablend™, a unique combination of peppers individually proven to increase the effectiveness and bioavailability of the rest of the ingredients, strengthening the effectiveness of our products.

Our #1 priority has ALWAYS been to help. To do so, we go out of our way to ensure that our products are not only effective but also the highest quality we can provide. If you have any questions concerning the quality or safety of our products, please feel free to contact our Chief Botanical Officer, Brittini Gehring, at brittini@rcherbals.com with further inquiries.


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