Lately I’ve been obsessed with rockhounding. What is rockhounding? It is searching for and learning about rocks, minerals and fossils wherever you may be. I like it because it slows the world down from my usually busy pace and is like a geological treasure hunt. I can rockhound anywhere I go, by myself or with friends or family. Being outside in nature recharges my batteries and reduces my anxiety. Rockhounding is a low budget hobby with no experience needed, and can be done in a small or large amount of time. Searching for natural wonders in the dirt has given me an appreciation for the Earth and its Creator. Nature is a wonderfully wise teacher, as many parables and metaphors often find me during a rockhounding session. If you do a quick internet search of rockhounding in your area, you are bound to find several locations to explore within an hour’s drive. The thrill of the hunt and the joy of a find will keep you coming back for more.

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