ASMR is very popular in this day and age for helping people sleep and to help manage anxiety. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which happens when listening to certain sounds or watching visual stimuli. This content includes relaxing spa videos, affirmation videos, TikTok lives, and more. I enjoy ASMR quite regularly since it helps me so much when trying to go to sleep. I have a jam-packed brain that never likes to be quiet when I try to lie down and sleep. When I focus my brain on something else when I’m heading to sleep, it helps my brain to relax and all my thoughts to quiet down. 

ASMR has many benefits, like mood support, pain management, sleep, concentration, and dopamine levels. According to research, using ASMR may positively affect heart rate. What’s excellent about ASMR is that there is no limit to the type of content you can create. You can find almost anything to get just the right fit for your needs, and it is easily accessible and often free. ASMR is a beautiful outlet that I think everyone should try. Happy relaxing!

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