Herbs in Belly Be Happy®

Marshmallow root

This herb has a long history of supporting digestive comfort. It forms a protective, thick coating around membranes found in the digestive tract lining. It contains active ingredients such as antioxidants and amino acids (asparagine). It assists with continued digestive comfort in the stomach or colon, helping you keep the bubbles in your champagne and not in your tummy.

Slippery Elm

This tree has long been used by Native Americans to make salves and tinctures. The herb contains mucilage, which coats and soothes the esophagus, stomach, and gut lining by forming a membrane barrier. It assists normal reflux stimulation of the nerve endings in the digestive tract which supports mucus secretion. This encourages a balanced acidic environment for the digestive lining.

Ginger root

This root herb has been used for thousands of years. Ancient Chinese, Roman, Greek, Arabic, and Sanskrit texts have all documented the use of ginger to assist with general health and well-being. Ginger contains active ingredients, such as gingerol, shogaol, paradol, and zingerone, which are potent antioxidants that support normal muscle function and daily comfort. It is commonly known to continually support a balanced digestive system.


Peppermint is one of the oldest known European herbs used for medicinal purposes but it has also been discovered in other ancient civilizations. This herb is known for normal muscle function. It supports balanced stomach health. The most well-known active ingredients in peppermint are menthol and menthone.

Bacillus subtilis

This shelf-stable probiotic helps maintain a healthy gut microbiome, supports normal immune function, communicates with cells to help maintain gut barrier function, and encourages a community of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Robust Probiotic Support

Bacillus coagulans: this shelf-stable probiotic supports overall digestive health. This strain produces lactic acid, which helps feed other healthy gut microbiota, similar to lactobacillus probiotic strains. It is able to survive harsh, acidic environments, such as that found in the stomach. It supports healthy stomach and bowel movements, helps maintain a stable, bubble-free environment, and encourages a pleasantly settled stomach.

Product Description

Belly Be Happy® is for anyone who wants to focus on gut health, support their microbiome, and needs occasional or frequent help with their digestive system. It's great for assisting continued digestive ease day-to-day. It is useful for those on the go, who travel, or want to leave the house without worrying about the nearest restroom. Individual ingredients help support a healthy microbiome, balanced digestive health, a calm stomach, and regularity (with probiotics). If you seek digestive comfort, try Belly Be Happy®!


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