Bloom Guided Meditation

Try reading this meditation all the way through, or listening to the video below, and letting yourself be still. There is no wrong way to do this. Allow your meditation to take on its own form as best needed for you.

Get into a comfortable position. Take a big deep breath, hold, and release it. Take an even deeper breath this time, hold it for three seconds, three, two, one, and let it out. Take another, deeper breath, hold it for four seconds … four, three, two, one… and slowly release. Take one more deep breath, but go even slower and deeper this time. Go as slow and as deep as you possibly can. Move and shake out any tension left in your body, then sink into your relaxed muscles. If you find you are still tense, go through the breathing process again, repeating until you feel relaxed.

Now you have relaxed into your body. Imagine a taproot pushing out and into the floor beneath you, down into the earth. This can come from your seat or your feet, wherever it feels most natural to you. Let this taproot grow until it stops. Let it expand and push out, creating new root tendrils, spreading into the dirt. Feel the vibration and energy of the roots moving up and into the main taproot — up into your body, through your midline, all the way up to the crown of your head. Be still here a moment to just be, feel and breathe...

When you are ready, start to feel a warm, golden, honey light above you, washing over your body, filling your veins with warmth, and spreading down into your roots. Your entire body is tingling and cozy. Take a deep breath, pulling more warm light into your body, down into your roots, pushing them even further into the rich nutrients of Mother Earth. Here you are held, you are supported, you are nourished. 

You feel completely supported and fully nourished. You know it is time to grow, time to bloom. It is time to become the best version of yourself. This is your season. Repeat these affirmations to yourself as many times as needed:

“I am completely supported.”

“I am fully nourished.”

“I am ready.”

“I am safe.”

Take a deep breath. Pull in more warmth and light from the top of your head, down into your body, pushing out into your roots. Your crown is vibrating intensely, invigorating you. The top of your head opens, allowing in the full spectrum of light. You feel your being start to grow, your outer shell peels away, fully shedding, and finally falling completely off as you grow more and more. You are a being of pure light. 

As you sit with this feeling, you feel cool water at the feet of your roots. You absorb the water into the tips of your roots. You are filled with a sense of being refreshed and new. This feeling swirls throughout your entire energy field. You are safe. You can take a deep breath and let go. This feeling brings a smile to your face. You are now free to take up all the space you need to grow and blossom. Sit with this feeling of safety, support, refreshing newness, freedom, and space. Say: “I am free to take up all the space I need to flourish.”

From your head, you feel pressure, and petals start to emerge, pushing forward and out. Your petals unfurl, allowing you to thoroughly soak up the affectionate glow of the sun, the revitalizing drops of morning dew, and the love of the universe around you.

Breathe into it, absorb it. You have bloomed.


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  • Charlotte on Mar 01, 2023

    Lovely!! Now I just need to be outside in the sun to do this instead of in my house and see what happens.

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