Feeding Your Soul

Whenever I have a good day, I say, “Today has really fed my soul.” Doing things you genuinely enjoy is crucial for maintaining a happy life and a healthy mental state. I know we all have hectic lives and often forget to make time for doing things we enjoy. This can damage your mental health and complicate other things in your life. Think of your brain as something that has a certain amount of charge. Daily tasks can be more challenging if your brain is constantly running on 10%. If you recharge and do something you enjoy, your duties will become easier since you will run on a full battery. One of the ways I feed my soul is by going out to one of my favorite bakeries and talking to the owner, with whom I have now become friends. I am an extrovert and thrive off of talking with others. I tend to stay in a lot since I work remotely, so I do my best to get out when possible. I always get so happy, and my heart and soul feel full when I return home. It’s important to try your best to fill your life with that feeling. Happy healing!

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