Gentle Parenting

When people hear the term “Gentle Parenting,” they may dismiss it, imagining entitled, out-of-control children. But on the contrary, this parenting style, popular with Millennials and backed by sociological research, focuses on teaching emotional regulation skills, healthy behaviors, and breaking generational trauma.

There are no time-outs, countdowns, or punishments. Instead, it focuses on natural consequences, redirection for age-appropriate behavior, and “time-ins,” where parents help children navigate big emotions like anger, teaching healthy coping skills.

I use gentle parenting with my toddler son. His tantrums are few because he trusts his needs will be met. He rarely pushes boundaries because he knows when I say no to something, he will have a reasonable explanation - there’s no “my way or the highway” attitude. It takes a little more time but my household is peaceful and my son is incredibly well-behaved.

Look into it!

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