Improving Your Life Through Psychology

I’ve always been fascinated with psychology and understanding the motivations behind why people do what they do. It was after I was married that I learned about a particularly common relationship coupling called the Narcissist/Empath. I was searching for an understanding of why I couldn’t fix my marriage. I realized that there had been red flags literally everywhere, I just hadn’t known enough about psychology and interpersonal relationships to recognize them.

Understanding yourself and others can be a difficult journey, but thankfully there is a large body of knowledge online. Devoting time to understand interpersonal relationships and communication, conflict resolution, etc., and cultivating and strengthening the ability to control and examine your own emotions can change everything. It allows you to make informed decisions regarding how you want to live your life, who you want in it, and what to do when others lash out.

Here are a few resources online that I love:

Youtube Channel: Theramin Trees - It goes deep into identifying power dynamics, explaining dogma, and illuminating narcissistic abuse methods.

YouTube Channel: The Take - This pop-culture channel breaks down tropes and analyzes characters from TV shows and movies in a surprisingly informative way. It completely changed my mind about Ted Mosby!  This site is all about learning to manage conflict. I have found many helpful articles on this website partner of the same magazine.

So go learn about yourself and others!

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