Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: AirwayClear™

Product Spotlight: AirwayClear™


We know you have heard of our ClearLungs® formulas, but have you heard of RidgeCrest Herbals’ AirwayClear
? This lesser-known product is formulated to support healthy lung function and free breathing.

 The proper combination of herbs can help support the body in maintaining relaxed airways, calmness in the chest region, and promoting comfortable breathing. This formula is based on traditional Chinese medicine, using herbs that have been utilized for thousands of years to promote lung function. AirwayClear is one of RidgeCrest Herbal’s most mature products, brought to the market in 1993 as AsthmaFree. AirwayClearwent through several reformulations over the years, and our current formula has been in circulation since 2016. 

You may wonder why we have a formula called AirwayClear when we already have a similar-sounding formula called ClearLungs. The difference is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and the functions of “warming” and “cooling” herbs. The respiratory system can be out of balance in either direction (too warm or too cold). To energetically restore balance, you need either cooling, soothing herbs (such as those found in AirwayClear) or warming, invigorating herbs (like in ClearLungs). It is possible to take both formulas at the same time, but even on its own, AirwayClear can promote healthy lung function, maintain relaxed airways, and promote comfortable breathing. AirwayClear contains no stimulants, is not habit-forming, and is safe with no known side effects. 

There are other lifestyle changes you can do to support respiratory function, as well. Meditation encourages deep breathing and increased oxygen, regular exercise helps your overall health and lung strength, and nutritious foods that support a lowered inflammatory response can make a big difference. 

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