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Product Spotlight - Hair Revive

HairRevive product highlight

Hair Revive™

Sizes Available:  120 Capsules

2018 Taste for Life Women’s Essential Awards, Winner, Hair Restoration

Hair ReVive™ is one of our most fascinating products. It is designed to help support female hair growth and combat the nutritional and stress-related reasons known to affect hair growth in women. This product has garnered a fair amount of social media buzz, with influencers and beauty bloggers recommending our product to hundreds of thousands of followers to help grow thick, luxurious locks. So it is no surprise this helpful product won the 2018 Taste for Life Women’s Essentials Award in the category of Hair Restoration.

Hair ReVive is a unique and powerful combination of nutrients, herbs, and bioflavonoids for female hair support. Normal but unwanted female hair loss can happen at any age, especially after traumatic or intense experiences or periods of stress. Scientific studies have shown that proper nutrition can help encourage the growth cycle to start sooner and last longer. Hair ReVive supports the body’s ability to cleanse follicles, manage stress, and promote healthy hair growth. The nutritional formula includes biotin, silica, herbs, bioflavonoids, and vitamins and minerals. It contains no stimulants, it has no known side effects and is safe for all life stages. Certain lifestyle factors can help or hinder your attempts to either keep your hair healthy or recover from hair loss. Consider quitting smoking, reducing sun exposure, and avoiding tight hairstyles and harsh beauty products. You can also work to reduce stress and seek therapy after major life changes, reduce alcohol intake, avoid crash dieting, and eat a healthy diet rich in fresh vegetables and healthy fats.

Hair ReVive addresses a slow-moving problem, and as such, the results do take some time. Usually, it takes two full bottles, taken consistently, to see the desired results. We guarantee this product if you have used two full bottles and are still not seeing a positive difference.

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