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The Big Foots of Utah

The Big Foots of Utah

Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, is said to be a giant ape-like creature that may be roaming throughout North America. It is considered a cryptid, or a species that is only rumored to exist, much like the chupacabra or Loch Ness monster. This creature is described as being between 8 and 10 feet tall, covered in hair, and able to walk upright. Most Bigfoot sightings occur in the Northwest, and it is linked to multiple Indigenous myths and legends. The word Sasquatch is derived from Sasq’ets from the Salish First Nations peoples. It means “wild man” or “hairy man.” Native Americans have passed down Bigfoot stories for hundreds of years. 

As far back as 1884, there have been published accounts of a “gorilla-like” creature in North America. In 1958, a newspaper in Northern California published a story about giant footprints found near a creek, which were allegedly said to be a hoax. Since that time, enthusiasm for this mysterious creature has exploded; claims of sightings, including tracks, photos, and videos, have only ramped up. Over 10,000 Bigfoot accounts and sightings have surfaced throughout the United States over the last 50 years. 

Some Bigfoot sightings have taken place right here in Utah. Recently, a Facebook group brought residents of Cache Valley together and each have shared personal encounters. Farmers, ranchers, and hunters have witnessed unexplainable events in the area for years that may or may not have been Bigfoot. In fact, the television show Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet investigated Cache Valley in 2012, seeking out sightings reported in North Ogden, Logan Canyon, and the surrounding area.

Even though evidence of footprints in the snow has recently surfaced — including video footage of a dark figure in a field, and videos of dark shadows resembling the creature — the footage in question may not be necessarily new. For the time being, the search continues.

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