Words and Water

Most of us know that what we say and think can significantly impact our lives. But did you know that words can have an impact on what we eat and drink as well? Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese pseudoscientist and author who experimented on water crystals and how words affect their molecular structure. 

After having exposed water to different words and music, he froze it and took pictures under a microscope of the crystals that formed from the water. The results were simply amazing! Water that had phrases such as “Love” and “Thank you” or listened to a Mozart symphony formed beautiful snowflake crystals like something out of a painting. Conversely, the water that was exposed to the words “You Fool,” “Hate,” “Evil,” or Heavy Metal music did not form any kind of pattern. They only formed a blur or a disorganized formation. 

Dr. Masaru then proceeded to the same experiment with rice. Three jars of white rice - one labeled “Love,” another “Hate,” and the third without any words. While the “love” jar stayed white and fresh, the unlabelled jar went bad as time passed, and the “hate” jar turned brown and moldy in record time. 

Words can affect the water and food that our bodies absorb. Have you ever cooked the same meal the same way, except it turned out completely different in taste, only because you were in a bad mood or frustrated about something? I have. I try to avoid cooking when I know it won’t turn out as yummy as it could be - thankfully, my husband is a great and willing cook!

The famous saying “You are what you eat” has a whole new meaning! So, the next time you step into the kitchen to make a meal, try playing feel-good music or simply chanting positive mantras while cooking. My mum always said that her secret ingredient to every meal was love - and she couldn’t be more right!

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