Hair ReVive Wins 2021 Taste for Life Best of Supplements Award in the Hair, Skin, & Nails Category

Chronic stress and poor nutrition can both trigger hair loss in women, which is why RidgeCrest Herbals’ Hair ReVive™ has become increasingly popular the past few years.  This is why we are pleased to announce that California-based Better Nutrition Magazine has awarded Hair Revive it’s annual Best of Supplements Award for their Hair, Skin, and Nails category. This is the third award for RidgeCrest Herbals’ Hair ReVive, which has also been honored with the 2014 Vity Award and the Taste for Life Magazine’s Women’s Essential Award in 2018. Collectively RidgeCrest Herbals has taken home 26 awards for our products. 

“Many women who experience hair loss have no idea that there is anything they can do to support healthy hair. Hair ReVive helps support women in times of stress and we’ve seen this product gain a strong following among beauty influencers.” says Nichole Petersen, RidgeCrest Herbals’ marketing director. “We know that Hair ReVive is a great product and helps many women feel more confident as they go through their day. 

This award comes at a crucial time when, more than ever, stress can contribute to poor diet and unhealthy coping mechanisms.We are honored to receive the Best of Supplements Award.” says Chris Herbert, Director of Sales. “We are proud of all of our products, and Hair ReVive in particular is unique in its approach to this common issue.”  

Hair ReVive™ a unique and powerful combination of nutrients, herbs, and bioflavonoids that work together for female hair support. Female hair loss can occur at any age, especially after traumatic or intense experiences or periods of stress. Hair goes through cycles of rest, shedding, and growth. Scientific studies have shown that proper nutrition can help encourage the growth cycle to start sooner and last longer. Hair ReVive™ supports the nutritional aspects within the body of cleansing follicles, fighting stress, and promoting healthy hair growth. The nutritional formula includes biotin, silica, herbs, bioflavonoids, and vitamins and minerals. It can take up to two months of regular supplementation to see results, so we offer a two-bottle guarantee.

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