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We regularly get calls from people asking excellent questions about our products. So we thought we would compile a list of the most common questions we are asked, so you both have the answers yourself and know the kind of great questions you should be asking any company about their products. Enjoy!

Will any of our products cause high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a serious condition and should be discussed with your health care provider. We have never received complaints of this side effect with any of our products, but sometimes people are concerned because several of our formulas include Chinese licorice. While European licorice has been shown to raise blood pressure in dosages over 400mg, much larger doses than our 36.2 mg of Chinese licorice are not known to have the same effect, and Chinese licorice is not used for that purpose in herbal medicine. 

Are our products safe to take while pregnant?

Because we are not medical physicians we legally cannot advise you on this issue, and you should discuss with your doctor about any supplements you are considering while pregnant. We have had customers and staff take our products while pregnant without issue. 

Are our products safe to take while breastfeeding?

In general, herbs are believed to be safe for breastfeeding mothers, and several are commonly used to help lactation supply. Again, we legally have to refer you to your medical advisor regarding this concern. 

Do our products contain tree nuts?

No, our products contain no tree nuts, GMO’s, soy, or corn, and all but HairRevive are vegan. 

Can all of our products be taken long term?

Every individual is unique, and while some may find long-term use useful, others may see their results are better served by taking our products short term. Long-term use should be discussed with your healthcare practitioner (notice a pattern?). Breaks of 1-7 days can sometimes help increase effectiveness during extended use. 

What is Prop 65?

Proposition 65 is a California-only law so strict even the highest quality products on the market often require the warning. Even a carrot grown organically on a small rural farm often contains too much lead absorbed from the soil to successfully meet Prop65 standards, so legally it is safer for us to include the warning. However, our products don't contain any harmful chemicals or components that would put you at risk and exceed the safety standards set by the federal government. Our products are tested for heavy metals and other toxins at least three times before being released, and we have never had a complaint or adverse event related to Prop65. You can find a more thorough explanation of this law on our website.

Are our products manufactured in the same facility as allergens (such as crustaceans)? 

All our products save one are vegan and free from corn, dairy, gluten, GMO, soy, wheat, and yeast. The exception is Hair Revive, which contains N-Acetyl-l-cysteine derived from feathers (a by-product of poultry production). Our manufacturers rarely produce any products with common allergens and are required by law to thoroughly clean and sanitize their machines between batches of products to ensure no cross-contamination.  We personally audit our manufacturers to make sure they adhere to all regulations as well as our own, higher standards.  

Can the products be combined?

All of our products are safe to use, and it is common for people to take more than one at once. If you have concerns, we recommend you discuss your individual needs with your healthcare provider. You probably only want to start one new product at a time so you can judge the effectiveness and any reactions (though unlikely) you may have, and if you have a sensitive stomach be sure to take the products at separate times of the day with food. 

Can the capsules be opened and take another way?

Sometimes people struggle taking pills. The capsules can be opened and the contents can be added to smoothies, yogurt, applesauce, etc. There may be an herbal or vitamin taste. 

Will the products go bad if left in the heat?

This would depend on how hot they got, if the capsules melted or became otherwise compromised, and the humidity in your area. There is always a chance that exposure to heat and moisture could create a potential risk of microbes, and the potency of the product could become affected. Definitely throw it out if it develops an unpleasant or unusual smell. Feel free to contact us with questions if you are unsure.

What is the difference between ClearLungs & Airway Clear? 

The difference lies in the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). ClearLungs is considered a "hot" or "warm" formula. This simply means that it helps direct circulation to the lungs. When you increase circulation to the lungs, you increase oxygen and nutrient delivery and allow the body to naturally and gently cleanse. AirwayClear is considered a "cool" or "cold" formula. This means that it helps to cool the nervous system down - thus supporting open airways. Customers are encouraged to experiment with both to see what works best for them. Alternate doses if combining. 

Are all expiration dates set to 4 years out?

Our products that contain vitamins have a 2-year shelf life because vitamins are known to break down faster than herbs. Most herbs survive longer than our 4-year shelf life but we currently only have tested to prove shelf-stability for that time frame. 

Are your products Certified Organic? 

No. Most herbs are grown without chemicals or GMO’s, but pesticides from nearby farms can travel. We require documentation that no chemicals were used on the ingredients we purchase for our blends. We are always striving to ensure quality and transparency.

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