Our Team's Favorite Board Games



That is a tough one for me...my brother was always super competitive with board games, so I am not a huge fan. I would probably go with Clue if I had to pick one. Always fun with the different characters and scenarios. I do like things like Scrabble as well.


Ooo! This is a tough one cause I have quite a few tabletop favorites, but I'll go with this:
Betrayal at the House on the Hill
This game is spooky fun (but not scary). You play with your group and uncover omens as you explore the haunted house by revealing random tiles. Each omen leads you closer and closer to a haunt, where one of your friends will betray you, or you could all be against the board itself. The haunt you get is based on the omen drawn and what room they were in when it happened. There are 50 possible haunts, with extensions not included. There's also a legacy version for those nerds who want to play generations of characters.


This is such a hard question because I LOVE board games. Clue is a good one, but no one will play with me anymore because I tend to win!
Catan is probably my number one because it's a strategy game. We started playing it with my nieces when the youngest was 6 and couldn't even hold her cards in her hand. She would still manage to win, even though we could all clearly see what cards she had because she has a great strategic mind.


I like card games best, or this one called Alien Dice Game. Our family's top game is Qwerkle, and Will’s is Aquire.


Rummikub is a pretty fun game to play! It's a good little brain challenging game!


I would say my favorite tabletop board game would be Tabboo. I love those types of games.



Chess and Scrabble are both great! Monopoly is fun. We used to have some great Risk games. Redneck Life is pretty funny too.


I don't have a lot of time to play board games, but my older brother recently put a single-player puzzle game called Box One by Neil Patrick Harris in front of me. It made me think I might actually like doing an escape room. It was really fun!


My favorite board game is definitely chess. I find the lessons it teaches about strategy, cause and effect, and and mathematics are extremely useful in life. I try to play at least one game a day, and I constantly play with my friends.


I used to love playing Sorry with my grandma and my sister. As an adult I don't play many board games, but I like cards or playing Zilch with dice.



I guess my brain had checked out! Love Catan or Ticket to ride.



We love board games: 

Kids favs: 
Left, Right, Center 
Pass the pigs 
Other games: 
Ticket to ride 
Organ attack 
Sushi Go 


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