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Preparing your body for Sleep

Preparing your body for Sleep

As someone who struggles to fall asleep, I have tried countless methods to help my body slow down. Everyone is different, and many techniques will affect everyone differently. I will share some of the things I do that help me sleep that may help some of you.

Listen to ASMR or music. I like to listen to ASMR or music since it helps my brain focus on something since my inner dialogue never wants to be quiet. (Check my ASMR article!!) 

Make sure to wear loose comfy clothes to sleep in. It will be much harder to sleep if you have tight, constricting, or itchy clothes. Everyone’s definition of comfy clothes differs, so wear what makes YOU comfortable!

Make sure you have lighting that makes you sleepy/feel safe. Most people prefer sleeping in pitch black, but I am a big scaredy cat of the dark. I love having nice soft night lights that are just bright enough to allow me to see my surroundings. 

Address your inner dialogue. My brain keeps me up by thinking about tasks I must complete the next day, stressful events, or overthinking past situations. Sometimes I must address my thoughts and tell myself, “It is late. You need sleep to complete these tasks. They do not need to be done right now.”

Did any of these tips help you? What do you do to prepare for sleep?

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