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Reading to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

reading, emotional intelligence

Books play a critical role in my daily life and emotional well-being. When an extended period passes without reading, my emotions become more challenging to navigate. Being emotionally intelligent takes a certain discipline that reading seems to facilitate for the following reasons.


Adaptation: Mankind was built for learning, growth, and change. We are designed to continually adapt physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When we become stagnant, we are no longer reaching for our full potential, and our emotions tend to get the best of us. Books help keep our emotions in check by facilitating new thoughts, questions and answers, and internal changes within our minds and hearts.


Intellectual Hunger: Our minds need to be continually nourished and stimulated by information, structure, and creativity. An ordinary daily routine, coupled with the stressors of our modern world, is not enough to feed our complex minds and emotions. If left to scavenge for content on its own, the mind fabricates worry and stress, leading to unwarranted and chaotic feelings. Books help feed your soul and grant peace, calm, and discipline. Additionally, books allow us to learn by way of others’ experiences.


Divine purpose: We are part of something bigger. Even when we dream at night, we are searching for answers, new concepts, and meaning. Books give us new ideas and often a refreshed purpose. They help us discover things about ourselves, strengthen us in new ways, and help us grow closer to our divine nature.

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