Stretching Your Mind for Desk Workers

  • I think we have all heard and can agree that sitting at a desk all day is not the best thing that you can do for your body and overall health. Most of us can attribute some of the aches and pains we feel at the end of the day to stress and the amount of sitting we did. Several studies have linked movement in classrooms to increased brain function. If we know that physical activity helps children learn in a school, imagine what it can do for us at work!

The brain utilizes up to ⅕ of oxygen usage. After sitting for 20-30 minutes, blood pools in our hips and isn’t being carried to our brains, which increases energy, releases stress, and calms the mind and the body. Bodily movement is the signal for our brain to wake up. 

Most offices aren’t set up to have morning and afternoon recess, so here are some small things that you can do to stretch your brain. 

  1. Take a drink of super cold water. The more you drink, the better!
  2. Go outside. The change of scenery and fresh air will break up the monotony quickly. 
  3. Reposition yourself at your desk or your chair, so you are using different muscles. Maybe even stand up. 
  4. Put on your headphones and listen to your favorite dance music. 
  5. Have a short laugh with your co-worker. It releases endorphins!

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