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The Revitalizing Benefits of Hammock Yoga

The Revitalizing Benefits of Hammock Yoga

Have you ever tried hammock or aerial yoga? Sounds a little crazy, doesn't it? Recently, though, I attended an introductory class and I have been hooked on the practice ever since!

I have always struggled with doing a few yoga poses; I thought I had great balance until I tried some new classes. I should have known better than to try an advanced class with very little knowledge of what it would entail. If you’ve never done it, just know it takes considerable strength.

Hammock yoga is a new way of exercise altogether — and it is amazing! There are so many incredible benefits that go along with hammock yoga, too. Numerous poses have you hanging upside down, allowing your spine to lengthen. And because you are using a hammock to aid you in all you are doing, there is far less strain on your back; it can even help ease tension in the spinal cord and hip joints.

There are other amazing benefits as well. Aerial yoga can help detoxify the circulatory and lymphatic systems, for one. It helps you to improve balance, it increases strength, and helps release happy hormones like dopamine and endorphins, which are known to boost your mood. Achieving these benefits allows you to improve flexibility and experience a total body workout.

There are different levels of hammock and/or aerial yoga as well, from beginner to advanced. For those who are after gentle stretching and remaining closer to the ground, there are classes offered for just that. I took one like that, and it felt so good! I choose any class that allows me to hang upside down, mainly for lengthening properties, to support my recovery after pinching a nerve in my back.

Want to get all the benefits of yoga, but have the support of a hammock? Want to protect your back while exercising? Step out of your comfort zone and try one of these classes. 

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