Unified Field Theory

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

- Nikola Tesla


In physics, a field is an area under the influence of a force, such as gravity or electromagnetism. A field theory is a physical theory that employs fields in the physical sense. The laws of nature that affect large objects like planets, people, or pool balls don't apply to smaller objects like atoms, molecules, or subatomic particles. It appears that the universe operates on two totally separate sets of laws unless there is a force that unites them that we haven't discovered yet. Albert Einstein spent the latter years looking for the theoretical explanation of this undocumented force, known as the "unified field theory." 


What if the world of the supernatural could also be tied together with one unified theory? American author and investigator John Keel proposed just such a theory. Best known for his book The Mothman Prophecies, Keel has another book entitled The Eighth Tower. He postulates that there is a singular intelligent force behind all religious, occult, paranormal, and UFO phenomena. He spent a large portion of his lifetime interviewing witnesses of a myriad of paranormal events and circumstances. He concluded that there must be a force or intelligence that coalesces and materializes its energies just outside the boundaries of our known electromagnetic spectrum - a spectrum that Keel coined "The Superspectrum." He said, "This is a hypothetical spectrum of energies that are known to exist, but that cannot be accurately measured by present-day instruments. It is a shadowy world of energies that produce well-observed effects, particularly on biological organisms, namely people." He also says, "This super spectrum is the source of all paranormal manifestations, from extrasensory perception, flying saucers, little green men, and tall hairy monsters. It is hard to pin down scientifically, because it is extra-dimensional, meaning that it exists outside of our own space-time continuum, yet influences everything within our reality." 


While this theory may sound pretty nuts, remember everything in our world that is seen, heard, or felt is done through frequencies, waves, or vibrations. We can only sense a small fraction. We can only hear a small portion of the available sound waves, measured in a unit of frequency known as hertz, which is why we can't hear the tone when we blow into a dog whistle. Humans can also only see a small fraction of visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum. At the same time, bees, for example, can actually detect ultraviolet light, which helps them to find nectar and flowers. Could all of this weirdness exist in a field just outside of humans' normal biological perception? Are some people better able to pick up on it than others? 

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