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PhysiQOL Wins 2022 Taste for Life Essentials Healthy Aging Award

PhysiQOL Wins 2022 Taste for Life Essentials Healthy Aging Award

Joint mobility and physical comfort becomes more of an issue the older one gets, and eventually taking a proactive approach is the best way to maintain a good Quality of Life. Because this is such a crucial part of life, RidgeCrest Herbals is happy to announce that their mobility and joint support product, PhysiQOL, has been included in the New Hampshire-based Taste For Life Magazine February Supplement Essentials Awards. This is the fourth award PhysiQOL has won, including the 2017 Better Nutrition Magazine Better Nutrition Award, Best of Supplements in the Pain Relief Category.

RidgeCrest Herbals’ Marketing Director, Nichole Petersen, says “Our choice to combine ever-popular curcumin with other herbs to support comfort is proving itself every day as we see people benefit from our product.” 

This award comes at a crucial time as the Baby Boomer generation, which shapes all market trends, begins to actively seek out mobility products. Director of Sales Chris Herbert says, “Proactively maintaining joint mobility is a fantastic way to stretch our Quality of Life into our later years. Our product is helping people every day, and we thank Taste For Life for including us in this year’s awards.” 

PhysiQOL is an award-winning, non-habit-forming, all-natural formula designed to help manage everyday muscle comfort and joint mobility on multiple levels. It can help reduce inflammation due to extreme exercise and physical overexertion because it contains an eclectic variety of effective ingredients used in Ayurvedic Medicine, TCM, and Western Herbalism. 

Nestled in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains, Ridgecrest Herbals brings effective, eclectic, innovative botanical blends drawn from ancient global traditions to U.S. consumers. Seller of the #1 selling natural lung product ClearLungs, RidgeCrest Herbals has been helping you “Reach Your Peak” since 1994.   

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