RidgeCrest Herbals Attains B Corp Certification: A Milestone in Wellness and Responsible Business

September 12, 2023, Salt Lake City, Utah:

RidgeCrest Herbals, a renowned name in natural health supplements, proudly announces its attainment of B Corp Certification. This achievement stands as a pivotal move in RidgeCrest Herbals' ongoing commitment to holistic well-being and sustainable business practices, further aligning with its mission to nurture both individuals and the planet.

"Our B Corp Certification marks a transformative moment in our journey," emphasizes Matt Warnock, second-generation owner at RidgeCrest Herbals. "By embracing this milestone, we reiterate our dedication to holistic wellness, responsible business practices, and positive societal impact."

This news follows a series of progressive initiatives and achievements by RidgeCrest Herbals, including:

  • Community Enrichment: Through partnerships and outreach programs, RidgeCrest Herbals contributes to the prosperity of local communities, fostering a harmonious balance between business growth and community well-being.
  • Eco-conscious Practices: RidgeCrest Herbals champions eco-friendly decisions, from sustainable sourcing to reducing its carbon footprint, leading the way in responsible industry practices for a healthier planet.
  • Employee Empowerment: RidgeCrest Herbals values its team members, creating a nurturing workplace, prioritizing employee well-being, and upholding fair labor practices, fostering a culture of collective growth.

Matt Warnock has published and spoken about the importance of corporate social responsibility, and the company publishes an annual Almanac to which the entire team contributes articles. "We are all herbalists at heart," said Will Christensen, CEO. "We want everyone to have cleaner, safer, gentler, yet naturally effective healthcare options, and that affects everything else we do."

About RidgeCrest Herbals

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, RidgeCrest Herbals is an award-winning manufacturer of safe and effective natural botanical formulas for various specific health needs. A pioneer in the eclectic herbal tradition, RidgeCrest Herbals develops botanical formulations containing ingredients from Chinese, European, Native American, Ayurvedic, and other natural disciplines. RidgeCrest Herbals has more than 20 products today, each sold primarily through natural product retail locations and online, including the #1 best-selling natural product in the US that targets lung and respiratory health, ClearLungs®. We invite anyone interested in learning more to visit www.rcherbals.com or email us at marketing@rcherbals.com.


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