AirwayClear Wins 2022 Taste for Life Essentials Award for Respiratory Support

AirwayClear Wins 2022 Taste for Life Essentials Award for Respiratory Support

Since 2014, RidgeCrest Herbals has won numerous awards for our innovative botanical and nutritional formulations.Today, we are thrilled to announce that our free-breathing product, AirwayClear™, has won the 2022 Taste For Life Essentials Award in the category of Respiratory Support. This is the first award for Airway Clear, yet this popular product has been supporting respiratory needs for many years. 

AirwayClear™ is a cooling formula rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, designed to soothe the airways, promote healthy expansion, and maintain respiratory function. It can be used alone or in conjunction with our ClearLungs family of products to maintain open airways and easy breathing. Some of the herbs that help promote lung function include

Angelica root, Cassia bark, Ginger root, Chinese licorice, and Schisandra.

This is the 33rd award for the RidgeCrest Herbals family of products, and we look forward to more awards for AirwayClear™ in the future! You can order AirwayClear™ here.

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