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SinusClear Wins 2021 Taste For Life Immunity Essentials Award

SinusClear Wins 2021 Taste For Life Immunity Essentials Award

As we enter cooler weather, indoor parties, and shorter days, maintaining sinus health can be an important part of staying healthy. That is why RidgeCrest Herbals offers SinusClear®, a product designed to support clear sinuses that has recently been honored by Taste For Life Magazine, included in their list of Immunity Essentials this fall. This is the first time SinusClear® has been granted the honor of an award of this kind, so we are especially excited to add it to our list of award-winning products. 

“SinusClear is a product I use regularly for myself and my family,” says Nichole Petersen, RidgeCrest Herbals’ marketing director. “I have seen the benefits personally, and know it’s a great product, which is why I am excited it attracted the notice of Taste For Life Magazine.”

Many people are very familiar with our ClearLungs® line of products” says Chris Herbert, Director of Sales. “But we have other fantastic herbal blends that can benefit customers when they need support. I’m hopeful this award will remind people to explore all the options our company provides.”  

Ridgecrest Herbals’ SinusClear® is specially formulated to help support the body’s ability to keep nasal passages and airways clear. Packed with herbs to dry and soothe the throat and nasal passages, SinusClear® stands apart from the crowd with its unique approach. It helps clear sinus passages by soothing tissues and membranes, balances mucous levels, and supports the immune system. This formula can be used in conjunction with ClearLungs® if needed. 

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