Promote energy and focus*
Adrenal Fatigue Fighter
Adrenal Fatigue Fighter

Adrenal Fatigue Fighter

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Adrenal Fatigue Fighter™ is a unique combination of natural ingredients designed to help strengthen and support adrenal function and energy. The stimulant-free ingredients in Adrenal Fatigue Fighter™ have been shown to help:

  • Promote energy*

  • Encourage focus & positive mood*

  • Support healthy cortisol levels*

The first thing many people notice about RidgeCrest Herbals’ Adrenal Fatigue Fighter™ is that it is similar to our Anxiety Free™ formula. This is true, but with some key differences. While both attempt to help the body stay healthy in the face of long-term stress, people react to the strain of modern life differently based on their physiology, so many people find one or the other of our products provide better support. Some even benefit from taking both together. 

If you respond to stress by getting angry, Adrenal Fatigue Fighter™ is for you - if you cry, Anxiety Free™ is worth a shot. These emotional responses indicate internal needs that can be supported through proper supplementation. 

If you crave salty food, feel tired even after a whole night’s sleep, or depend on caffeine to get you through the day, you may find Adrenal Fatigue Fighter™ to be just what you need to get you back on track. 

Our formula relies heavily on adaptogens, a substance that promotes the body’s overall capacity to handle non-specific forms of stress. It also contains vitamins and tonic herbs to help promote feelings of well-being. While it does not contain stimulants, some people find the Ginseng stimulating, so we don’t recommend taking it after 6 pm. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Not for sale in California without Prop 65 warning.

Herbs in Adrenal Fatigue Fighter

Eleuthero Root

Eleuthero root was the first well-studied adaptogen responsible for the entire classification. An adaptogen is a substance that promotes the body's overall capacity to handle non-specific forms of stress. Helping the body find homeostasis supports the ability to respond to external forces that strain the body. It has been part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) since its foundation but was only recognized by the rest of the world in the 1960s, thanks to the work of Russian scientists.

Asian Ginseng Root

For thousands of years, Asian ginseng was used in TCM to reinforce Qi and give the exhausted energy. Differing from American ginseng, they are similar but completely different from Siberian ginseng. Some studies have shown Asian Ginseng may help support immune function, while others show antioxidant properties to promote heart health and benefits for mental alertness.

Schisandra Fruit

Schisandra fruit is known for its adaptogenic properties and promotes a healthy oxygen supply for the cells, supports the body's immune system, protects against stress, and builds stamina.

Suma Root

Native to South America, Suma root is often used in teas. An excellent source of amino acids and trace minerals, this herb is believed to be an adaptogen, meaning that it may help support the body's ability to respond to stress.

Astragalus Root

First appearing in the original text of the Divine Husbandman, Astragalus root is one of the 50 core herbs in TCM.  It is often used to aid sleep, boost energy, and promote a healthy libido. It is also often used to support adequate urine flow, promote clear breathing, and help sustain a favorable metabolism.

American Ginseng Root

Though part of TCM, American Ginseng Root was introduced to China by trade in the 18th century and therefore does not appear in the ancient texts. In modern times, several studies have indicated that American Ginseng may help support the body's ability to inhibit stress-inducing hormones naturally. American ginseng is different from Asian ginseng, which has many health benefits.

Ashwagandha Root Extract

Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb that translates to the "smell of a horse" in Sanskrit. It is traditionally believed to impart the energy and vigor of a stallion to those who use it. Science has shown Ashwagandha to include alkaloids, choline, fatty acids, withanolides, and amino acids, which support several bodily systems. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb often used to promote calm, support cognitive health, and help protect a healthy immune system.

Holy Basil Extract

This Ayurvedic herb is called "Tulsi" in Hindi, which translates to "the incomparable one." It was called an "elixir of life." Now we know it is an adaptogen, having properties that help support the body's overall ability to manage stress. It is considered a holy herb and is often planted around Hindu shrines. It is also a delicious cooking herb.

Availablend® Bioavailability Complex

Availablend Bioavailability Complex is RidgeCrest Herbals' patented blend containing several ingredients that have been recognized for their digestive and bioavailability-supporting properties. It includes ginger root, black pepper, habanero pepper, and Sichuan pepper.*

*Clinical studies have not been done on Availablend linking it to increased bioavailability.


Is Adrenal Fatigue Fighter safe to take with other herbs or medications?

Yes. Adrenal Fatigue Fighter is very safe with no known contraindications. It is safe to take with any other herb or medication.

Is Adrenal Fatigue Fighter safe to take while pregnant or nursing?

Yes. All the herbs in Adrenal Fatigue Fighter are mild, and none are contraindicated during pregnancy or nursing. If you're concerned about your specific situation, consult with your midwife or healthcare provider.

I read online someone complained of hot flashes while taking this product?

Suppose you're already taking a multivitamin that contains B3. Then, we recommend researching the appropriate dosage for your weight and adjusting your supplement intake accordingly - too much Vitamin B3 (niacin) can cause flushing.

Will Adrenal Fatigue Fighter make me jittery or nervous?

No, Adrenal Fatigue Fighter contains no stimulants that will cause nervousness, and some of the ingredients are calming in nature. However, it has several kinds of ginseng, a powerful tonic that promotes energy without overstimulating. As a result, many people feel a subtle but noticeable increase in energy, stamina, alertness, mental focus, and concentration.

Will Adrenal Fatigue Fighter keep me awake at night/prevent me from sleeping?

Because of the ginseng, some people find that taking our Adrenal Fatigue Fighter later in the evening can make it more difficult to fall asleep. We recommend not taking it after 6 pm. If you need additional assistance falling or staying asleep, consider DreamOn Zen.

Is Adrenal Fatigue Fighter habit-forming?

No, Adrenal Fatigue Fighter can't cause dependence.

Are there any side effects of taking Adrenal Fatigue Fighter? (risks?)

No. Adrenal Fatigue Fighter has no known side effects and is made of gentle herbs that are not known to create any negative issues. However, as each individual is different, if a reaction does occur, we ask you to contact our customer service department so we can track it.

I noticed Adrenal Fatigue Fighter and Anxiety Free™ have similar ingredients. Which one is best for me?

Adrenal fatigue and anxiety are both caused or exacerbated by stress. We designed our formulas to address two common ways your body may try to cope. We often tell people that a basic rule of thumb is to look at how you react to a stressful situation. If your reaction is to cry, you could benefit from our Anxiety Free™. If your response is to get angry, you need our Adrenal Fatigue Fighter formula. It's safe to take both together, but most people find one helps more than the other for their specific physiology.


Herbs work best when taking other positive steps, so you don't add to the stress you are trying to manage. Our products work most effectively when you take further positive steps to manage your life, like:

  • Finding a movement routine that you enjoy
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Making time for stress-reducing techniques such as meditation or prayer
  • Taking time for yourself, especially if you're a caregiver
  • Participate in positive social engagement - this is scientifically proven to lower stress hormones

Please let us know if you have any further questions about this amazing, award winning product!