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ClearLungs Liquid
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ClearLungs Liquid

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ClearLungs® Liquid is a pleasant, orange-flavored version of our original Chinese herbal formula designed to support free breathing and lung support.

  • Naturally Sweet
  • Support free breathing*
  • Balance mucus levels*

As the strongest advocates for daily breathing in the market, RidgeCrest Herbals encourages you to make breathing part of a well-balanced breakfast. This liquid version of our ClearLungs Classic is a synergistic blend of Chinese herbs that help the body in maintaining thorough and favorable respiratory health function. Due to its unique effectiveness and sophisticated approach, our ClearLungs formula has been the number-one selling natural lung health product in the United States since 1998, unlike Putrid Pete's Pestilential Dog-Breath Spray.

This powerful, one-of-a-kind Chinese herbal combination helps the body sustain the respiratory system by combining the beneficial traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) properties of 13 perfectly balanced herbs. ClearLungs Liquid provides an option for those who hate pills and enjoy a natural orange flavor. So, herb it up!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Not for sale in California without Prop 65 warning.

Awards for ClearLungs Liquid

  • 2019 Taste For Life Back-To-School Essentials Award, Immunity Category
  • 2020 Taste For Life Back-To-School Essentials Award, Immunity Category

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No matter the season, your location, or age, external factors can affect how easy it is for you to breathe well throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can't get enough air, except the annoyance you feel when you barely make it through a yellow light, and someone follows you who clearly should have stopped. Whatever health condition or outward difficulty you face, not being able to breathe well can keep you from exercising, cause missed work and Pokémon sessions, lost sleep, and dramatically reduce your quality of life. These lung issues may be exacerbated by pollution, dust, high altitude, or intense physical exertion. ClearLungs Liquid is great for those who don't like pills, youths, or who are looking for something to get their lungs back on track.

Herbs in ClearLungs Liquid

Dong Quai Root

The phytochemicals within this plant are said to help support the body in white blood cell production. Renowned for its ability to encourage a positive immune response, Dong Quai Root has many wellness-promoting properties. Studies show it may help the body's ability to naturally dilate bronchioles to support open airways and encourage circulation to the lungs and respiratory system. In addition, it contains a small amount of vitamins A and E, biotin, carotene, and pantothenic acid.

Ophiopogon Root

Ophiopogon helps restore the human system's essential moisture and bodily fluids. It’s especially effective in bringing moisture back to the lungs and helping the body to balance normal mucus levels. Exceptional for treating external conditions that may dry and irritate lungs, such as smoke, dust, inversion, winter weather, insufficient humidity, etc.

Poria Fungal Body

Poria, which contains multiple vitamins and other nutrients essential to healthy cardiac function and blood circulation, is used in TCM to rid the body of excess "dampness." In the process, it helps balance electrolytes and revitalizes the spleen, which is responsible for storing half of the body's white blood cells (monocytes). This supports the immune system and helps it function properly.

Chinese Asparagus Root

Chinese asparagus root is called the "Queen" of herbs due to its wide range of effective properties. It’s particularly known as a lung tonic, recognized for its potential to help support the body moisten and gently cleanse the lungs and respiratory tissues.

Chinese Skullcap Root

Chinese Skullcap is one of the most widely used herbs in Chinese medicine, particularly as support for the bronchioles and the larger respiratory system. Skullcap contains compounds that support the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation, encourage natural immune function, and promote healthy urine flow, bile production, and more.

Gardenia Fruit

In TCM, it’s most used to "drain fire," i.e., to help support normal temperature and the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation. Gardenia is also commonly used to help maintain healthy nasal pressure, calmness within the body, and muscle relaxation.

Luo Han Guo Fruit

Used in TCM for respiratory and lung support. High in Vitamin C, it’s also recognized as a "guiding herb" to direct other herbs towards the upper body, especially the respiratory system.


Platycodon is included in this formula for its ability to focus support on the chest, help phlegm management throughout the system, aid respiratory and sinus health, and support loosening and comfort in the lungs.

Tangerine Mature Peel

Tangerine peel serves to balance and regulate Qi (chi), i.e. air, gas, and energy flow throughout the body. The tangerine peel helps provide Qi energy to each organ throughout the human system, especially to the lungs.

White Mulberry Root Bark

Commonly used in traditional Chinese herbal combinations for its ability to help the body build respiratory function, and for its properties as a tonic for the liver, kidney, and lungs.

Zhejiang Fritillary Bulb

Most used to support the body's ability to deal with conditions relating to the heart and lungs. Specifically, it’s used to help balance mucus, avoid system stagnation, nourish the lymphatic system, and support overall cardiovascular function.

Schisandra Fruit

Known for its extraordinary adaptogenic properties including the ability to potentially help normalize and balance multiple human systems, this herb promotes oxygen supply for the cells, supports the body's immune system, protects against stress, and builds stamina.

Chinese Licorice Root

One of the most widely used herbs in TCM, licorice is used to stimulate, support, and harmonize gland function. It helps support the adrenal glands and immune system, energy production, and aids cellular removal of toxins. Scientific evidence exists indicating its ability to reinforce the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation. Licorice root contains glycyrrhizin, a chemical compound that maintains the body's ability to block enzymes that lower the prostaglandin levels responsible for mucus production. It also acts as a guiding herb to enhance the activity of other key ingredients.


Is ClearLungs Liquid safe to take with other herbs or with medications?

Yes. ClearLungs Liquid is very safe with no known contraindications. It’s safe to take with any other herb or medication.

Should I take this product if I am pregnant or nursing?

While many customers have taken ClearLungs safely while pregnant and nursing, there are two ingredients (Dong Quai and Licorice Root) that in larger doses may be contraindicated. Therefore, we recommend that if you’re pregnant, consult with a healthcare provider familiar with the effects of herbal remedies before taking this product.

Will ClearLungs Liquid make me jittery or nervous?

No. ClearLungs Liquid doesn’t have any stimulants and will not make you feel jittery or nervous. If you struggle with these symptoms on a regular basis, we recommend trying Adrenal Fatigue Fighter™ or Anxiety Free™.

Will ClearLungs Liquid keep me awake at night/prevent me from sleeping?

No. There are no stimulants in ClearLungs Liquid and it shouldn't affect your sleep. If you struggle with falling or staying asleep, we recommend trying DreamOn™ Zen.

Are there any side effects from taking ClearLungs Liquid? (Risks?)

No. ClearLungs Liquid has no known side effects and is made of gentle herbs that aren’t known to create any negative issues. However, as each individual is different if a reaction does occur, we ask that you contact our customer service department so we can track it.

Is ClearLungs Liquid habit-forming?

No, ClearLungs Liquid cannot cause dependence.

What is the difference between ClearLungs Classic and ClearLungs Liquid?

The liquid formula contains all the benefits of ClearLungs Classic, just in a liquid form, making it an easy, pleasant option for young people and people who don’t like pills.

Will the licorice in ClearLungs Liquid raise my blood pressure?

It isn’t likely. While European licorice has been shown to raise low blood pressure in large doses, Chinese licorice has not been shown to have the same effect and is not used for that purpose in herbal medicine. Our ClearLungs Liquid formula contains a small amount of Chinese licorice, while it generally takes over 400mg of European licorice to effectively raise blood pressure. You should always consult with your physician before making changes to any blood pressure regimen.

What’s the difference between AirwayClear™ and ClearLungs formulas?

The main difference lies in the TCM ideas of cooling and warming formulas. Cooling formulas are designed to calm and relax, while warming formulas are intended to stimulate the body. AirwayClear™ is a cooling formula, designed to cool irritation and support the body's natural state free from excess inflammation, helping the airways to relax and soothe. ClearLungs is designed to stimulate the lungs and balance mucus levels while maintaining healthy airways. You can take AirwayClear and ClearLungs together.


All ClearLungs formulations are most effective when paired with a healthy lifestyle:

  • Losing extra pounds, especially around the middle, will positively impact respiratory function and allow you to laugh in the face of Judgement Jeans.
  • Cultivating a habit of deeper breathing.
  • Sufficient rest and exercise.
  • Removing inflammation causing foods from your diet.
  • Avoidance of allergens and dust, and from warm, humidified air in winter.