2024 Almanac Page Puzzle Answers

Here you will find all the answers to the hidden questions scattered throughout the 2024 Almanac. We hope you had fun searching for them and enjoyed the intellectual challenge. We're incredibly grateful for your love and support, and we can't wait to see what adventures the next year brings!

Page Question Answer
2 How many teeth does an adult human have? 32
3 What is the symbol for copper? Cu
4 How many degrees does the earth rotate each hour? Fifteen
5 What type of exercise is best for getting the blood flowing? Aerobics
6 What year was the very first model of the iPhone released? 2007
7 Who directed Alien? Ridley Scott
8 What does "www" stand for in a website browser? World Wide Web
9 What's the largest bone in the human body? Femur
10 What is the highest-grossing holiday movie of all time? Home Alone
11 What is the first eveny in a Decathalon? 100 Metres
12 What was Twitter's original name? twttr
13 What is the symbol for potassium? K
14 What geometric shape is generally used for stop signs? Octagon
15 In the state of Georgia, it's illegal to eat what with a fork? Fried Chicken
16 What does the acronym GPU stand for? Graphics Processing Unit
17 Who did France beat to win the euro 2000 football final? Italy
18 Which Avenger is the only one who could calm Hulk down? Black Widow
19 Area 51 is located in which US state? Nevada
20 What is the name of the biggest technology company in South Korea? Samsung
21 What can be broken but is never held? A promise
22 What was Picasso's nationality? Spanish
23 How many players are in a polo team? Four
24 Which musician is the godmother to Elton John's sons? Lady Gaga
25 Which American president appears on the one-dollar bill? George Washington
26 Which film does Jack Black voice a shark in? SharkTale
27 What is the name of the World's largest ocean? Pacific Ocean
28 What does come down but never goes up? Rain
29 In which book series does 'Neville Longbottom' appear? Harry Potter
30 When was the DVD invented? 1995
31 What is the nickname of the US state of California? Golden State
32 What color is the "Ex" in FedEx Ground? Green
33 What is the most consumed manufactured drink in the world? Tea
34 What is the largest continent on the planet? Asia
35 Which painter reputedly cut off his own ear? Van Gogh
36 How many meters are in a kilometer? 1,000
37 What is Cynophobia the fear of? Dogs
38 Who is the author of Jurrasic Park? Michael Crichton
39 What country invented icecream? China
42 How long is a nautical mile? 1.15 miles
43 Which science deals with the motion of projectiles? Ballistics
44 In computing, what does MIDI stand for? Musical Instrument Digital Interface
45 What item is a werewolf most afraid of? Silver
46 What is the world's most expensive spice by weight? Saffron
47 Where was the singer Adele born? London, England
48 Which Disney Princess talks to the most animals? Snow White
49 What type of energy does an unlit match have? Potential energy
50 Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?
51 What is a "dakimakura"? A body pillow
52 True or False: There are 8600 seconds in a day. FALSE
53 What alchoholic drink is mainly made from juniper berries? Gin
54 What were Jack and Jill going up the hill to fetch? A pale of water
55 True or False: animal cells have chloroplasts. FALSE
56 What is James Bond's preferred drink of choice? Martini
57 True or False: "Santa Claus" is a variety of melon. TRUE
58 When did the website "Facebook" launch? 2004
59 Where did the pineapple plant originate? South America
60 How many colors are there in the rainbow? Seven
61 What is the most uncommon blood type? AB negative
62 Which Chinese dynasty lasted from 1368 to 1644? Ming
63 What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? 24 mph
64 True or False: An eggplant is a vegetable. FALSE
65 What year was Queen Elizabeth II born? 1926
66 Which band is 'will.i.am' part of? Black Eyed Peas
67 What country is responsible for creating the Olympic Games? Greece
68 What animal has the longest lifespan? Giant Tortoise
69 Which monster is addicted to nothing but cookies? Cookie Monster
70 If someone said you "you are olid", what would they mean? You smell extremely unpleasant.
71 Named after the mallow flower, mauve is a shade of what? Purple
72 Nephelococcygia is the practice of doing what? Finding shapes in clouds.
73 Havana is the capital of what country? Cuba
74 What animal has the highest blood pressure? Giraffe
75 Who always made an appearance in Marvel films until his death? Stan Lee
76 The following is a line from which 1970's film 'you talkin to me'?" Taxi Driver
77 How many notes are there on a standard grand piano? 88
78 If you planted the seeds of Quercus robur, what would grow? Trees
79 What is the closest planet to the sun? Mercury

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  • Judi Grasso on Feb 06, 2024

    Hi! Nice 2024 Almanac: Kismet. I’m looking for the answers to the questions at the bottom of the pages. On the Contents page, it says to go to: RCHerbals.com/blogs/herb-nerds/2024quiz, but that webpage comes up as “Page not found.” The question at the bottom of page 2 of the 2024 Almanac is “How many teeth does an adult human have?” and the questions above on page 2 say that the question is this: "What does “www” stand for in a website browser?" So I’m kind of confused about that. Thanks.

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