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Dream Interpretations

Dream Interpretations

Ready to get your dreams on? Dreams can be mysterious, and they have many different meanings all over the world.

Tips for dreaming: avoid stimulants and screens before bed, keep a dream journal, tell yourself you are going to dream, pay attention to what you remember, take note of what sticks out, from colors and faces to feelings,  and research the different meanings of what you remember.


Flying can be a symbol of being happy, high, uplifted, motivated, free and independent. It can also be a sign to let go of your current issues and let them fall away naturally. When flying comes with negative feelings, it could mean something is out of control in your life or you have desires to flee or escape your current reality. It can also be a sign that you have released yourself from circumstances that have been weighing you down.


Drowning or being underwater can mean you are feeling overwhelmed, overburdened, or there are underlying emotions that need to be dealt with. It can symbolize a fear of the future, a need to express oneself, being under emotional or physical stress, and a fear of being overwhelmed. On the more positive side, immersion in water can signal a rebirth. 

Teeth Falling Out

Teeth falling out is a common dream with many interpretations. It could symbolize lost confidence, broken relationships, anxieties about appearance, growing older or how others perceive you, fear of rejection, embarrassment, or feeling unattractive. It could also signify a sense of powerlessness, lack of control or direction, an inability to communicate, or concerns about what has been said. On the more positive side, it could be a sign of personal expansion or renewal and rebirth. 


Death is a mysterious topic both in dreams and reality. Your own dream death could mean a wish to terminate something in your life- relationship, career, etc. It can be a sign that you have anxiety and a fear of the unknown. Death of a loved one can be interpreted as mourning for the passage of time, fear, and reluctance for change. It can also be a symbol of rebirth or an old self dying off. 

Being Naked

Being naked in public is one of the most common dreams shown in Hollywood movies. It could mean fear of being vulnerable or feeling exposed, insecure, or shameful. This dream is common during times of transition when you will be in the public's view more, such as a new job or a promotion. It could mean that you are worried you will be seen as phony, that others won't understand the real you, or fear of revealing your imperfections. It can also be a message to become liberated and break free from what keeps you chained. 

Being Chased

Being chased in a dream can express when you feel you are in danger or are under pressure. It can be a sign that you are avoiding something, have a desire to escape your own fears and hopes, or you are hiding from your own feelings, such as anger or passion. Dreams of being chased could also be encouraging you to face your problems. 


Infidelity in a dream could be a sign that there is lack of trust and security in a relationship, or one or both partners are not spending enough time,  getting enough attention, or having their needs met in the partnership. It could also mean that the dreamer lacks confidence in themselves or the relationship. It could also be the subconscious testing the limits of reality. 

Being Late

Being late in dreams can express feeling overwhelmed, doing too much, or feeling like you are running out of time on your projects. It could also mean that you lack faith in their timekeeping, ability to get things done, or that they are worried they are making promises they can’t keep. If you are taking a new direction in life, this could just be a sign that you are afraid or anxious about change. It could be a message saying that it is never too late to do the things you have always wanted to do in life.


Falling in a dream can be a warning signal from the subconscious to pay attention, as there may be significant life problems with your work or relationships, and it may be time to consider a new direction. Do you dream your life is spiraling out of control? This could also be a sign that you have been holding onto something too tightly and you need to let go. It could represent a real fear of falling or failing in life. If you enjoyed the feeling of falling it could mean you have been recently liberated from something and that you aren’t afraid of change.

Finding an Empty Room

Finding an empty room can mean you are searching for something or that you have found a new area in life you want to explore. It can represent new relationships, new outlooks, a new perspective, or that you have discovered a whole new part of yourself. It can also denote you are able and ready to make a new beginning in life.


Water is perhaps one of the most meaningful dream symbols. Water symbolizes emotions, the unconscious and conscious, the womb, connection, spirituality, limitlessness, the spirit, what is known, seen, and what is hidden. Depending on the role of water in the dream it can mean many different things: swimming could mean going with the flow, showers/baths represent cleansing and renewing, different bodies of water represent various aspects of life, and in general, it can present as a desire to be a mother. 


Are you trapped in your dream? You may need a change or fresh approach in your life. Driving an out of control vehicle could mean you feel your life is off track. Can’t find a toilet? You may be feeling it’s difficult to express your needs, or that your needs aren’t being met. Take time to see to personal matters, find some privacy, and focus on self-care & expression. 



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