The Law of Attraction

What is The Secret?

If you walk into a room of your peers and ask them who has read or seen The Secret, a number of hands will go up. But if you follow up by asking them if The Secret has ever worked for them, some hands may slowly go down. Even the people who read the book or paid attention to the movie only learned the most fundamental secret to being a human being: believing. Many who try to explain The Secret say something like, "It's the principle that if you believe in yourself, you are more likely to achieve your goals." While this explanation does engage the Law of Attraction, it is only the mental key to the door of living life to the fullest. 

The Law of Attraction is a disguise. Although using the law is fundamental in attracting everything we ever want in life, this universal law is more accurately explained by calling it the law of attention. The Secret says that what we believe is what we attract. In reality, the act of believing in ourselves is only giving energy and attention to the person we want to be. Our thoughts are the dictators of our subconscious reactions. When something captivates our attention, we begin attracting what we think about. This phenomenon is commonly known as manifestation, and it can be both positive and negative, intentional and unintentional. 

How Do We Manifest?

Although our subconscious mind is programmed through our individual egoic experiences, our thoughts can still influence the subconscious to adapt and grow with new experiences. These programmed paradigms control the root way we think. However, the subconscious mind remains in control of the conscious mind. Until the conscious mind begins believing the thoughts that can shift the paradigm, the person won't feel that they are deserving of what they want to manifest. Our conscious mind dictates how the subconscious mind and body communicate with reality. 

All energy is in motion, and all bodies are composed of infinite vibrating atoms and molecules. In the same way, the power of our thoughts and feelings influence our realities. The subconscious paradigm controls the vibration of the mind and body, and that vibration controls the body's action that creates the results. The most crucial step in the Law of Manifestation is to take consistent action. One must first believe an idea that can shift a paradigm no longer in harmony with their reality. They must take consistent action until the reality has manifested. If the paradigm didn't shift, there was not enough strength in the belief, and the result of this is the lack of appropriate action. By repeating and reaffirming one’s belief in the idea, the results will legitimize the will to manifest it.

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