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ClearLungs Extra Strength Wins 2021 Taste for Life Essentials award for Respiratory Support

ClearLungs Extra Strength Wins 2021 Taste for Life Essentials award for Respiratory Support


The New Hampshire-based Taste For Life Magazine has announced it’s 2021 Supplement Essentials Award, one of which is RidgeCrest Herbals’ our ClearLungs Extra Strength for Respiratory Support. Our ClearLungs Extra Strength formula has never won an award before, but it now joins the rest of the ClearLungs family, adding the eleventh ward for the group and RidgeCrest Herbals’ 22nd award total. 

The ClearLungs formula is Ridgecrest Herbals’ premier product and holds a special place in our heart as the one that started it all back in the ’90s. For years it has been the #1 natural product in the country for lung health, which just goes to show how effective Traditional Chinese Medicine can be. The basis of this formula dates back 2,000 years! In TCM, the lungs are considered the “Upper Source of Water” and Qi flows downward from the lungs. If the lungs fall out of balance, symptoms of stuffy chest, cough, asthma, or signs of water stagnation (phlegm, urinary problems, edema, etc.) occur. To treat this, bitter herbs are used to encourage downward flow, and warming herbs increase circulation to the lungs to increase heat. The respiratory system is closely related to the spleen and kidneys, so the formula is designed to support all three systems. This formula can be taken with our Airway Clear for additional support.

The Extra Strength formula contains 50% more than the regular ClearLungs Formula for periods when you need extra support, and it also contains Availablend, our patented blend of peppers to increase bioavailability. 

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