Essential Eyes Wins 2022 Taste for Life Back-to-School Essentials Award

As we head back into another school year, we all want the best for our kids. We hope for the best teachers, the best friends, the best experiences and support. Along with all of that, we as parents are always looking for ways to improve our student’s chances of success through the products we buy. 

That is why RidgeCrest Herbals is happy to be on the Taste For Life Magazine’s list of Back-to-School Essentials, winning an award for Vision Support for our Essential Eyes™product.

Essential Eyes™ is an industry-leading formula that has been widely celebrated for its innovative approach to macular health. In 2017, we were awarded the prestigious Nexty Award, for the best new condition-specific supplement, and this is the second award Essential Eyes™ has received from Taste For Life Magazine. That’s three awards for this product in the past five years, and RidgeCrest Herbals’ 30th industry award since 2014. 

Part of what makes Essential Eyes™ so successful is Lutemax 2020©, a patented, award-winning eye-support ingredient sourced from marigolds, which contains Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthins in a 5:1 ratio. Designed to increase circulation to the eye and provide it with crucial nutrients to support regeneration and eye health, Essential Eyes™ acts as internal “sunglasses” for the macula’s constant exposure to blue light from technology. For more information on this ingredient and to learn about the dangers of overexposure to electronics, visit

In addition to Lutemax 2020©, Essential Eyes™ contains wild yam root, Asiatic dogwood fruit, poria fungal body, and Zeanxanthin Isomers. Here’s a bit more information on those amazing ingredients:

Wild Yam Root: This root contains steroidal saponins, which studies have shown may help protect the body from free radicals. This can be beneficial for the eyes as blue light damage can increase free radicals.

Asiatic Dogwood Fruit: This fruit is gaining popularity as a supplement because of its tonic, hepatoprotective properties. It is rich in antioxidants which have beneficial effects for eye health, as lower antioxidant levels in the eyes may be linked to age-related vision decline. 

Poria Fungal Body: Poria, which contains multiple vitamins and other nutrients essential to healthy cardiac function and blood circulation, helps balance electrolytes and revitalizes the spleen to help support the immune system and help it function properly.

Zeaxanthin Isomers: There are hundreds of carotenoids, but only two located in the human eye - lutein and zeaxanthin. Carotenoids help the body filter blue light and defend the eye from oxidative stress. 

We look forward to whatever comes next for this great product! You can learn more about EssentialEyes by visiting or calling 1-800-242-4649. 

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