Team Individual Brittini

Chief Botanical Officer and Quality Unit Director


Hey there, fellow herb enthusiasts! Welcome! I'm Brittini—Britt for short—also known as Herbal Gaia, and I've been with RidgeCrest since 2007! As the CBO (Chief Botanical Officer), I'm deeply involved in everything botanical, from formulation to ensuring top-notch quality. Outside of work, my joy comes from my growing family, who constantly inspire and entertain me. I have a profound love for all living beings and thrive on the excitement of learning and embracing change.

I'm endlessly fascinated by energy, the human mind, connecting with strangers through smiles, and the profound interplay between pain and joy. Nature and outdoor activities fuel my spirit, and I'm always up for a challenge, whether it's a rigorous leg day workout, engaging in public speaking, or exploring dynamic perspectives.

Curious about how a pair of ancient Indian burial moccasins sparked my journey to becoming a Master Herbalist? Check out my story in our 2017 Almanac! And remember, don't hesitate to reach out—I'm here to connect. Drop me an email anytime at to say hello, discuss herbs, share your thoughts of the day, or simply to make a new friend!

I am inspired by the healing properties of the outdoors, the effort and success of unexpected people, watching my children grow into who they are becoming,
Considerate. Creative. Nature Lover. Mother. Vibrant.

What is your astrological sign?

Libra-Scorpio Cusp

Favorite Herb & Why?

Lobelia. It holds a special place as one of my favorite herbs, primarily for its remarkable ability to support relaxed airways and muscles. This quality has been invaluable in navigating numerous challenging moments with my daughter's respiratory health over the years. Having lobelia readily available has proven to be essential—it provides peace of mind knowing I can effectively support her respiratory comfort whenever it's needed most.

Brittini's Top 5 Products