Team Individual Nichole

Marketing Director


I'm Nichole, the Magical Marketing Millennial. I joined RidgeCrest in 2016. I have an extensive background in the natural products industry, from a small mom & pop shop all the way to my current position. I love the outdoors, art, reading, gardening, spirituality, and my family. The Earth is my grounding space, and I enjoy playing in its endless expanse. My family is made up of my partner Josh, my kids Viktor, Violet, Leon, and Jocelyn, and our critters: Zahra the corgi, Fearne the golden, Essek the tuxedo cat, Yzma the bengal, Kima the gecko, and Kiki the cornsnake.

Nature. She's wild, terrifying, beautiful, wise, and exists as she is in her fullness.
Wilderness Enthusiast. Tattoo Artist. Bookworm. Spiritual Alchemist. Mother.

What is your astrological sign?


Favorite Herb & Why?

Eucalyptus/Elderberry. Elderberry for immune benefits, and it's safe for kids, pregnant, and breastfeeding women. Eucalyptus because it smells amazing, clears up the sinuses, allows you to take a deep breath, and was one of my dad's favorite things to use in the house.

Nichole's Top 5 Products