Team Individual Tara

IT Director


I joined Ridgecrest during the chaos of 2020. The Ridgecrest team gave me a place to work and a wonderful work family. I am married to my college sweetheart and we have a dog that runs the household.

Being an IT nerd means I do not have the same hippie level knowledge of herbs that the rest of the team does. However, over the years I have learned to love herbal supplements and the benefits that come with them. I am a HUGE fan of Sinus Clear and happily provide samples to my friends and family most of whom have become fanatic fans themselves.

If you are new to supplements, I suggest trying one like Sinus Clear or Clear Lungs. Or if you are looking for something more specific, please call and speak with our wonderful CSR team who can direct you to the perfect product!

Tech nerd, trouble-maker, soup defender

What is your astrological sign?

Leo, which is of course, the best sign. ;-)

Favorite Herb & Why?

Dill. Because it is an underrated herb in American cooking. It has such a unique flavor and I love trying it out in unexpected recipes.

Tara's Top 5 Products