Team Individual Tyson

Retail Sales Representative


I was born into a good household, grew up, went to school and did all the things that a young lad were to do, but something just never sat right with me. One day whilst doing my day to day NPC work at the local Gas stop, an opportunity had arisen, to be a salesman! But that life of light hearted sales turned swiftly into a tale of piracy and telling tales of falsehoods and deception. This did not sit right with the young traveler after finding love along the way and having a child to raise, I left that life to work with the local herbalists and learn a trade based in helping people instead, and here I am working with RidgeCrest Herbals.

I draw inspiration from space and the stars, The earth and her knowledge.
Nerd. Empath. Comedian. Jack of Some Trades.

What is your astrological sign?

I'm a Leo!

Favorite Herb & Why?

Lavender. It's such a lovely shade of purple, and smells amazing, tastes amazing, and even has amazing herbal benefits for you!

Tyson's Top 5 Products